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Midea Microwave oven with Tonghe diet Company "friendship cup" basketball game 03-30
Tonghe on the tip of the Tongue 03-26
2013 Tonghe and the new Target 03-26
Address tonghe the New Year 12-25
Tonghe formal provide catering services for HaoChang industrial co., LTD 12-02
Tonghe in the third quarter, management training improve the meeting run smoothly 11-15
Perlos two restaurants catering first time success 11-06
Greetings: foshan midea microwave oven with the Tonghe successful contract 10-23
Tonghe management training promotion conference successfully held in the second quarter 08-26
Tonghe 20000 chicken gratitude to give back to the customer 07-25
System and staff gathered to celebrate the successful into the "zte" 06-18
Zte shenzhen geocode Thanksgiving feedback Tonghe diet 06-16
Tonghe pursued 02-26
Tonghe successfully won the bid with chau electronic longgang dining halls 08-28
Tonghe in states with electronic longgang base 05-20
Warmly celebrate Tonghe smoothly in dongguan new dining room 12-06
July heshan lonfu industrial co in shenzhen hotel general managers' meetings was held ceremoniously 08-10
When you drink the water, think of those who dug the well 07-20
Rain or shine distribution at ease rice Tonghe 12 years 06-08
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