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Midea Microwave oven with Tonghe diet Company "friendship cup" basketball game
[ Source: Writer: Send Time:2013/3/30 View Times:1963 ]
In order to enhance the Midea company communication between the employees with tonghe  and diet, rich amateur cultural life of employees, improve the employees' collective sense of honor, enhance cohesion, centripetal force, Deepen the midea microwave oven the friendship between the company and a Tonghe diet,  in the midea on March 29, the microwave company basketball court held a communication "friendship cup" basketball game.
Game, the field staff actively involved, go all out, the off-court cheerleaders cheer for them! Teams race out of level, race out of style, won the audience acclaim, in the applause of the audience a complete packaged. The "friendship cup" basketball game, not only promote the mutual tolerance between the two employees and ideal, and for the youth basketball enthusiasts to provide a display stage, we hope that this game can be carried out with more customers!
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